tinyChat: Static Web Apps in Action

Static Web Apps in Action is a new blog post series to showcase amazing static apps from around the web. We'll interview the developers and see what's going on behind-the-scenes. Interested in sharing your app? Get in touch!

We're starting off with some of the winners of Static Showdown, a worldwide hackathon we organized last February. In this post we'll learn more about tinyChat by Anton Podviaznikov and Maryna Aleksandrova.


About tinyChat

tinyChat is text-chat with video background. No voice. Chat at public spaces. Chat at night. Chat with your lovers. Chat with your friends.

Show your chat-partner your actual emotions. No more (heart), (thumb up), (smile), (kiss), (hug).

What technologies are used?

GoInstant, WebRTC, SVG, CSS Filters, Grunt, Underscore.js, Page.js, Drags.js, jQuery, node-uuid, Jade, Stylus, Nib

What was the inspiration behind it?

Kevin Rose's "Tiny Blog" idea:

Where do you see this product evolving to?

Don't have big plans yet. We are looking forward to using this chat ourselves!

How was your experience with Divshot Hosting?

It was great! We liked the deployment experience. It's like Heroku but for static web apps.

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