Static Web Hosting for Developers

Blazing fast CDN, simple CLI deployment, hassle-free test environments. And much more.

Perfect for Single-Page Apps, Lander Pages, Jekyll Blogs, AngularJS Apps, Ember.js Apps, Backbone.js Apps

Trusted By Over 120,000 Web Developers

Divshot has been game-changing for Appcues. With Divshot, we're able to outmaneuver our competition by building products quicker, deploying faster and delivering a high-performing product from day one. Their commitment to open source, solid documentation and incredible support makes it clear that they truly know and care about developers.

Jonathan Kim Jonathan Kim, Appcues

Static Web Hosting

Static Web Hosting

Fully featured static web hosting.
Multiple environments, CDN, command-line deployment, and version control. Everything you need and want. All powerful, no fuss.

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Bootstrap Builder

Visual HTML Builder

Simple and intuitive Bootstrap Builder.
Create production-ready code with the click of your mouse. No more guessing and checking. Design your site with magic.

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