MouseGhost: Static Web Apps in Action

Static Web Apps in Action is a brand new blog post series to showcase amazing static apps from around the web. We'll interview the developers and see what's going on behind-the-scenes. Interested in sharing your app? Get in touch!

We're starting off with some of the winners of Static Showdown, a worldwide hackathon we organized last February. In this post we'll learn more about MouseGhost by Federico Rampazzo and Luca Dimola from London, UK.


About MouseGhost

MouseGhost is a tool designed to help enhancing web applications UX and usability by recording and analyzing how users interact with your website.

Using MouseGhost you'll be able to register clicks, scrolls, typing and much more. After the recording, you'll be able to replay users actions with ease.

What technologies are used?

Grunt, Bower, Bootstrap, jQuery, Page.js, GoInstant, Parse

MouseGhost Dashboard

What was the inspiration behind it?

We own a few websites and we'd love to find a reliable, efficient and easy way to understand our users' behavior. Keeping track of user interactions could be a very powerful tool to discover UX problems and understand how the average Joe perceive and interact with our products.

Professionals who include advertising in their websites could use MouseGhost to better understand what kind of banner ads are an ideal fit for their website and improve their conversions.

Where do you see this product evolving to?

We're still in our early days and our first milestone will be to have a working service.

The most interesting challenge which lies ahead is how to aggregate all the data and how to provide insightful analytics.

MouseGhost in Action

How was your experience with Divshot Hosting?

Divshot has been easy to set up and to work with. It never got in the way and it simply worked.

I loved the routing capabilities which helped us making a web application with pushState support and working links in a matter of minutes (and without hacks like the 404 redirection).

Interested in using Divshot for your next app? Click here to get started.