Welcome to the new Divshot, same as the old Divshot (except better)

What's new?

Divshot more or less is still the same tool you found in the past. Except we've changed our pricing to per project. Everything is now based on hosting usage, and it starts at $4 a month. To see what you're getting in each of our plans visit the Pricing Page.

What we're really proud to announce is that each project comes with free web hosting. It's not just your rinky dink cheap hosting you get from "father", but rather you get CDN, multiple environments, and really awesome tools to help you launch your site.

In addition to that, we've integrated hosting into the builder (now called Architect). Once you finish designing your site, you can push it live and make it easily discoverable by the world. All without leaving Architect.

Tell me more about hosting!

Like we mentioned, this isn't your extra cheap hosting solution. If you want to know more about what you get, and how to use it, visit the Hosting Features page to find out more in detail.

However, to be brief - We do purely static hosting. That means no Wordpress - just Angular, noBackend, stuff like that. Unlike our competitors, we don't try to nickel and dime you with features that you're going to want. All sites (free included) are hosted on a Global CDN, get pushState support (no more .html at the end of your pages), Multiple environments (Development, Staging, Production), and command-line deployment.

Alright, what next?

If you like what you read, just login using your existing Divshot account. If you don't remember what that is, send us an email and we'll help you find it. But - to welcome back our earliest users, we're offering free credit - just look in the email that brought you here for the code!

What about my existing stuff?

You can continue using it as normal. If you have an old subscription - each one of your apps is a "Micro" app. Otherwise, you can upgrade through the Dashboard or Architect.

If you have questions, just let us know!

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