Announcing the Static Showdown, a 48-hour Static Web App Hackathon

Static Showdown Logo

Today we're excited to announce the Static Showdown, a worldwide 48-hour hackathon that's going to take place February 8-9 of 2014. The competition centers on static web applications, i.e. applications that can be served with nothing other than HTML, JS, and CSS.

Why host a hackathon? Divshot was born at a hackathon, so we know from first-hand experience how a competitive atmosphere and creative constraints can fuel great ideas. We are also doing everything we can as a company to advance the web as an application platform, and one of the biggest transitions we see coming in the next few years is a migration away from heavy server-side applications to rich, powerful static applications that make use of lightweight back-end services.

We're still getting some of the details of the competition in place, but the prize package is already shaping up to be something really special thanks to our awesome sponsors including GitHub,, Travis, Firebase, Ink, GoInstant, Codeship, and StickerMule.

We'll have more to talk about soon, so if you're interested in competing, judging, or becoming a sponsor of the first annual Static Showdown, head over to the site and sign up to keep in the loop!