Ele: A Playground for Web Components

Today we're excited to introduce Ele, an open-source in-browser development environment for reusable custom elements.

As a company building tools for developers, we're always looking for ways to ease points of friction in the development process. We're also tremendously excited about what Web Components mean for the future of development (as you might have seen from our Web Components week). For the past few weeks we've been working on applying our expertise to our excitement, and the result is Ele.


You can think of Ele (call it "Ellie") as a kind of JSFiddle or JSBin specifically tailored for Web Components and custom elements. In this first release, Ele lets you:

  1. Utilize Polymer along with all of the core-elements and paper-elements released by Google.
  2. Document your element inline with Markdown.
  3. Create a demo page to show what your element can do.
  4. Share your element with the world!

We think this is a great starting point. It gives you what you need to dive in and feel out how the pieces of Polymer fit together. As an example of what you can build with Ele, here's a custom github-readme element that can fetch and display the contents of a public repo's README.

We have big ambitions for what Ele could be in the future. Check out the roadmap for more about what we're planning in the future. Since Ele is 100% open source on GitHub, we'd love to have your feedback (and your pull requests) on where we can take this in the future!