Deploy Faster. Much Faster.

Sometimes it's not the flashy new features but the behind-the-scenes improvements that can make the biggest impact. Today we're rolling out massively faster command-line deployment for Divshot.

To make a long story short, version 0.14.0 of our command-line interface was released and thanks to Divshot's own Collin Miller deploys are now crazy fast. How much faster? Well, deploying this blog post went from taking about 16 seconds to taking just 3.7 seconds. That's more than 4x faster, but more importantly in my own experience they're now fast enough that you don't feel the urge to switch contexts. Ready to deploy faster?

  1. Install the latest CLI with npm install -g divshot-cli.
  2. Add .divshot-cache to your .gitignore files in Divshot app directories.
  3. See image below.

Deploy like Quicksilver

Behind the scenes, only files that have changed need to be uploaded now. This means the bigger the project, the bigger the time savings. I could go into more technical detail (merkle trees are involved, I hear) but I'll keep this blog post like our new deploys: quick.