Upgrading Bootstrap 2.3 HTML to Bootstrap 3

As Bootstrap 3 nears its final release, you may be wondering how hard it will be to update your existing Bootstrap 2 HTML to be compatible with the new version. This is a major upgrade, and many of the components have gone through substantial changes. If only there were an easier way...

Bootstrap 3 HTML Upgrader

Good news, everyone! Today we're releasing the Bootstrap 3 HTML Upgrader, a simple, open source JavaScript utility that does its best to automatically upgrade Bootstrap 2.3 HTML to Bootstrap 3. Just paste in some HTML and hit the button. Instant upgrade!

Of course, it may not be that simple, especially if you've layered your own custom CSS on top of the defaults. To this end, we've also written out the rules that our upgrader uses when it converts the HTML; you can think of this as a kind of "quick reference" for doing manual upgrades.

Bootstrap 3 isn't final just yet (and it's difficult to get every little change with such a large upgrade), so we expect that the ruleset will gain some new additions and evolve a bit in the coming weeks. If you run into any trouble while trying to upgrade, head over to the GitHub repo and report it on the issues list.

We hope that this tool will make it just a little bit easier to get started on the next generation of Bootstrap. Happy hacking!