Divshot Public Beta Now Open!

Today we're excited to announce that the Divshot beta is publicly available. We've spent the last three weeks fixing bugs, adding features, and improving user experience for our private beta participants and now it's time to open up to a wider community. You can sign up and try Divshot out free for 15 days and then just $9/month while we're in beta.

We built Divshot as a tool to help professional developers and designers work faster and spend less time on throwaway wireframes and mockups. We built Divshot because it's something we've always wanted for ourselves. Whether you're embarking on a 24-hour hackathon project, working with a client at the beginning stages of a new application, or just need to build a couple quick forms for an existing project, we want to help.

When I pitched the idea that became Divshot at Startup Weekend Kansas City just six months ago I never imagined how far it would go, or how fast. I'd like to thank Launchpad LA and Intridea for their support, but most of all I want to thank all of the developers and designers whose support and excitement gave us the determination to turn this into something real.

So come on in, join the beta, send us lots of feedback, and stay tuned. We're just getting started!