Giving Everyone a Shot

We believe that developer platforms work best when they make it easy to experiment. It's more than just a marketing tactic for us, it's in our DNA. Divshot started as a weekend project (a Startup Weekend project to be more specific), and it's always been our goal to help developers whose time and resources are constrained. Today we're adjusting our plans and pricing to make it easier than ever to experiment with Divshot.

New Pricing

You can still create unlimited applications for free on the Divshot platform. In fact, now you can even assign custom domains to them! You'll have up to 1GB of data per month to share among your Basic applications, and you'll be able to use all of the unique platform features that make Divshot great.

Once your apps are ready for primetime, our High-Performance plans (Squadron/Fleet/Armada) bring the speed of a global CDN, custom domain SSL, unlimited storage, and 10GB-1TB of monthly bandwidth to the table. You can move your apps into and out of High-Performance slots at any time.

We know that proof is in the productivity for developers. We don't want anything to stand between you and building awesome things, including long blog posts about pricing. So 'nuff said, go give it a shot!

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Note for Existing Customers: To find out which plan you've been upgraded to at no extra cost, just look for the announcement email that we've sent out. If you didn't get one, please shoot us an email.