Divshot Services: Now in Beta

Our platform has always been focused on making developers more productive. Today, we're launching a beta of new lightweight back-end services that will help your apps work better, faster, and more compatibly.

Divshot Services are opt-in additions to your applications that provide simple back-end functionality for things that can't be done in all browsers. During this beta, these services are free for any Divshot user to add and require only that you configure them as specified in our documentation.

In addition, all of our services are built as open source extensions to Superstatic, our static web serving engine. This means that you'll be able to use the services in local testing, contribute to their continued improvement (even suggest new services), and rest assured that you aren't locked into a proprietary system. It's part of our mission to be a reliable startup.

Proxy Service (Docs)

The proxy service allows you to make AJAX requests to other domains without having to utilize CORS. While we strongly believe that CORS is a superior method, older browsers, corporate firewalls, and other constraints can necessitate a less elegant solution.

Each application can be configured to connect to multiple named proxy endpoints as well as specify custom headers and other required configuration.

Forms Service (Docs)

The forms service makes it extremely simple to receive emails from a form on your Divshot application. Just set up one or more form endpoints and then submit form information to them either directly (via a <form> tag) or using AJAX.

Prerender Service (Docs)

One of the biggest drawbacks of JavaScript applications has been the difficulty in getting them to be properly indexed by search engines. Even though Google is now crawling JavaScript it is still advisable (at least for now) to support the AJAX crawling standards established by Google.

We've partnered with Prerender.io to make it incredibly easy to build a search-engine friendly snapshot service for your Divshot apps.

We're excited to finally put these services out to a wider audience, and we can't wait to see the cool things you're able to build with them. Go ahead, give 'em a spin!