Divshot HTTPS - SSL Included for Free

With the recent announcement from the big G on HTTPS improving your search rankings, we are providing free Custom Domain SSL to everyone on our High-Performance plans.


The internet is an inherently insecure place. With recent security holes and Russian hackers, our information is more vulnerable than ever. We want to do everything we can to keep our users and their visitors safe. Including SSL as part of our High-Performance level plans is the absolute least we can do. We'll be building in more security features as we go along.

Divshot is better than ever

We want to make web development easier for everyone. We frequently update our developer tools like our CLI. Also with multiple environments and variables, developers can hit the ground running.

With zip upload and our management dashboard, everyone can go back to making the sites they love. No need to worry about webservers and dynos. Just craft your site in HTML, pack it up, and give us your zip. We'll host it on a blazing fast CDN.

More announcements coming soon

We have a few more things to announce within the month. In a moments time, hosting your site on Divshot will be even easier, and making it your own will be absolutely free. :)

Activating SSL on your Custom Domain

If you're already on a High-Performance plan (Giga or Tera), or are upgrading to a High-Performance level plan, this is all you need to do:

Update to the latest version of our CLI:

npm install -g divshot-cli

Add your certificate in the CLI:

divshot cert path/to/certificate.crt path/to/keyfile.key

That's it! Give it a few minutes to sync up with our CDN, and you'll have HTTPS running on your High-Performance site!

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