Drag and Drop Bootstrap 3 with Divshot!

Bootstrap 3 Logo

Late Friday night Bootstrap 3 RC1 made its official debut. The new version brings some pretty big changes and we've been anticipating it for some time. Today we're excited to announce full Bootstrap 3 support in Divshot! Get a feel for what's new in the framework that powers 1% of the internet as easily as drag and drop.

What's New in Bootstrap 3

We've been working over the past several weeks to address all of the changes (large and small) in the new version and are happy to be able to launch our own "Release Candidate" for Bootstrap 3 less than 72 hours after its official release! As always, the markup Divshot generates is clean and modeled directly after the framework documentation.

You'll be able to make the most of the new features including multi-breakpoint column sizing, panels, and list groups. We've also checked all of our existing components for compatibility and made changes where necessary.

Creating a Bootstrap 3 Project

Bootstrap 3 includes many breaking changes so we are maintaining it separately from Bootstrap 2. To use Bootstrap 3 in Divshot, simply create a new project and select Bootstrap 3 from the frameworks menu. We will continue to use Bootstrap 2.3 as the default framework until Bootstrap 3 has reached a final release.

To celebrate the new version, we're declaring it Bootstrap 3 Week at Divshot. We have several goodies planned throughout the week, so stay tuned to our Twitter feed and this blog for more info. And, of course, sign up for Divshot if you haven't already!